Fifty shades darker: exactly about sex drama

Premiere from the Continuation of erotic blockbuster "50 Shades of Gray" is expected on February 10 on this year.

Starring film is still shot charming Dakota Johnson to become the idol of countless girls around the globe Dornon Jamie, who not so long ago for the second time became a father.

Director from the film at the moment has been done by James Foley, praised for the films "Perfect Stranger" and "The Americans." The previous film "50 shades of gray full movie online download" filmed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, but after a flurry of criticism from the direction and also the belt as a whole, and also conflict using the writer, Sam Taylor-Johnson refused sequels. It absolutely was decided to hire Foley.

To Foley did not run, because the director of the first part, Universal Studios reinsured and asked him to immediately sign a contract for that third film, which will be called "50 Shades of freedom".

E. L. Dzheyms insisted that this scenario of the second film engaged her husband - telestsenarist Neil Leonard. He or she is quite famous in the United Kingdom writer and screenwriter, wrote several detective novels Crusher.

It really is known that the plot of the time - a detective story, the main participants who are extremely Anastacia Steele and Christian Grey's former lover, who relentlessly pursues her.

Additionally, Anastacia will probably be confronted with another challenge - harassment by her boss.

All of these twists and turns unfold from the backdrop of several erotic scenes, inspiring love story of the main characters, and also the marriage proposal of Christian Grey.

It really is known that within the new movie will be released to the arena among the protagonists in the last Christian Grey - Helen Lincoln. It absolutely was not just his ex-lover, but additionally, the one who dedicated it for all the secrets of the BDSM love.

Play it will probably be a lady, a legend 90, who starred in the cult erotic drama "and 9 1/2 weeks" Kim Basinger. Fans of the film have assumed that role could well come Michelle Pfeiffer and Charlize Theron, but the choice has been done not in their favor.

In spite of the fairly adulthood Kim Basinger - the actress is now already 63 years of age, more successful, "Mrs. Robinson" is hardly available.

Another interesting detail that was known to be a changed appearance Jamie Donrana. As soon as the release in the film "50 Shades of Gray", many viewers felt that his clean-shaven face is not really enough sex. And since within the next two films, he will appear with bristles.

Writer-creator of a variety of underwear to enhance the film.